Monday, 03 July 2017 12:02

Riojan technology for the Chinese revolution

China Closer, this has been called the expedition in which five Riojan entities participated: Formavolución, Jmp Ingenieros,, CTCR and ADER; and it can be understood as a fantastic starting point because of the technological cooperation is often the prelude to new large projects. The firms from Rioja visited the cities of Jieyang, Shenzhen and Shanghai with the aim of establishing commercial ties with China. During this technological expedition, 9 collaboration agreements were signed that will allow La Rioja technology to be applied to several Asian SMEs.

"China has a plan, they know what they want to do and they are taking steps to achieve it." Those are the words of Eduardo Remírez, CEO of Jmp Ingenieros after his trip around the Asian country. In June, the expedition led by Enrique Esteban, head of the Enterprise Europe Network Network at ADER, was able to see firsthand different areas of China and their contrasts, as well as different policies aimed at making China the first world superpower with a 30-year plan seen.

"They are turning their efforts to modernize their industry and also to open up to the world with the project to revitalize the silk route in which Spain can play an important role," confirms Enrique Esteban.

The Asian country is facing a new revolution, which will move away from the cost fight and replace it with a space of competitive products and quality, improving process technology with all kinds of technologies, and there has been some movement for Local governments in promoting this step forward even with environmental sustainability measures.

Third metal forum of Jienyang. Held on 12 and 13 June. A total of 260 Chinese companies and 165 SMEs and European institutions of which 50 were Spanish an 50 were from La Rioja. 

Balance of trade. In 2015 La Rioja made imports worth 116 million euros, ehile exports totaled 16 million euros. There are almost 200 riojan companies that export to the Asian contry, two out of three exported euros correspond to drinks and wine exports grew arround 34%.




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