Monday, 06 February 2017 12:24

Industry 4.0 in La Rioja

February 2017

Next Thursday, February 16th at the Technological Center of La Rioja, will be presented the days of  "Strategy Conected Industry 4.0." In these regions the implementation of new technologies, the digitization of their systems and services and the use of new manufacturing processes will be presented.

There will be cases of successful implementation and the real state of the art of the different technologies for the change towards the industry 4.0.

Eduardo Remírez, CEO of Jmp Ingenieros S.L., will present a strategy of technological contributions towards new companies aimed at companies, industries and organizations, as well as the various manufacturers, developers and implementers of technologies enabling the digitization of the industry.

Agenda of the Day:

  • 11:00 - 11:10 Opening of the day
  • 11: 10 - 11: 30 Spanish Strategy for Connected Industry 4.0: New Actions.

                    General Director of Industry and SME

  • 11: 30 - 11: 50 Industry 4.0 in La Rioja

                   General Director of Innovation, Labor, Industry and Trade

  • 11: 50 - 12: 10 The support ADER to the implementation of processes Industry 4.0 in La Rioja

                    Economic Development Agency of La Rioja (ADER)

  • 12: 10 - 12: 50 "RIOHUB: Regional Digital Manufacturing Innovation Hub"

                   RIOHUB Consortium

  • 12: 50 - 13: 50 Prospective contributions Technology: Pills state of the art towards industry 4.0

                   Jmp Ingenieros S.L., Creativic, University of La Rioja

  • 13: 50 - 14: 15 Success stories: Manufacturing Products and Processes in Industry 4.0

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