Sunday, 30 April 2017 13:56

Ramica Project

Last Thursday, April 27th, a regular meeting of partners of the RAMICA project took place in our facilities of Jmp Ingenieros. .

At that meeting, participants presented the progress of the ongoing project, bringing together all solutions for the water analysis system.

Jmp Ingenieros presented its coupling system of the solar energy harvesting module using solar panels, which will provide the necessary energy supply for all the analysis subsystems of the project.



The RAMICA project (file number RTC - 2015 - 4192 - 2) is funded by MINECO (Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness), through the call for Collaboration Challenges 2015


RAMICA Project (Spanish):

Proyecto Ramica

Centro de Investigaciones Submarinas (CIS)

Centro Tecnológico del Mar (CETMAR)

INDrops Laboratorio

Fundación Prodintec

Universidade de Vigo