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FIWARE, a plataform for the future

FIWARE, a plataform for the future

December 2014

Internet as Platform for future applications

What is FIWARE?

FIWARE is a new EU initiative , which aims to develop a series of software tools that allow developers to focus on the functionality of their developments , using exact tools.

Smart City

One of the objectives of FIWARE program is to create a cross- platform services for cities that allow developers to access various data published by city halls or by citizens themselves, to offer added value , creating value applications based on them.

These applications and services using common data models can be implemented anywhere using the FI-WARE services.

FIWARE Logroño

JMP Ingenieros, near Logroño , has created the portal OPEN DATA for the City Hall of Logroño , based entirely on FI-WARE technology.

FIWARE in the IES Comercio

Within the program of dissemination of FIWARE , JMP Ingenieros technology, as partner of it and aware that the success of it is necessary that new developers have contact with her, made ​​an informative day practical, in which he presented the technology, the different APIswere explained and use , to end with a case study . Using a Raspberry and using different APIs , explained device , proceeded to publish data in real time temperature and to search a website created for this purpose.