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The secret of success of Jmp Ingenieros

The secret of success of Jmp Ingenieros

june 2014

Again the 'green shoots'. As in 2010, arriving in the spring. The former plantation dried by the lack of financial risk and consumer citizenship. Now it seems that the new roots are being established in a society that, after nearly seven years of economic depression has left his tattered skin on the road: 4.3 million more unemployed, nearly 250,000 companies closed lower wages

But the 'irrigation' of the ('are emerging from the crisis') official mantra is accompanied this time based on encouraging data, especially in a shy consumption growth, although with nuances: "It is not that people consume more because it improves confidence. It is precisely the ability to consume which leads to improved confidence of the people. And this will not change however much insufflate official optimism "explains graphically María Jesús Fernández, veteran analyst FUNCAS, the Foundation of Savings Banks, with extensive experience across variables in its reporting. And these reports reveal a new contradiction: the recovery of consumption occurs even though rents continue to fall (3.6% per quarter) and wages remain frozen.

Why then changed washing machine, and even we approach the dealer to look at a new car? In the past six or seven years families have made ​​their particular master of managing their economies. The Government, with its reform, and businesses adjusting costs, did the rest. "The crisis led to a familiar pattern of precautionary savings - says the director of the Research Unit of CCOO, Carlos Martín -. And in recent years, these families have accumulated a good mattress. "In conclusion, "better spent now, and we will do so in the future."

If the home economics 'boat' seems safer now navigate between the 'storm', with companies can say the same. The 'masters' of almost all business sectors perceive not take much for them to shout tranquility in sight!

Tourism, and automotive exports are pulling the cart. Also new technologies and agribusiness. To start draining brick head (in April the sale of housing has grown 5.3%)Four years ago, just sold out 50,000 companies. In 2013 they do three times (150 992). One in three euro bill wealth abroad. But many return home if the economy is encouraged. Balbino Prieto, president of Exporters and Investors Club, believes that if after recovery of domestic consumption, "continue to export 100,000, so good.Industry and in particular the manufacture and sale of automobiles predict a 'discharge' prompt the Spanish sick.

Registrations continue to grow (in May, 16.9%) pushed, it is also true, by the PIVE Plan, and only in 2013 the Spanish plants increased their production by 9.3% to a volume of 2 16 million vehicles, most intended for export. According to industry estimates, this year will close with nearly 950,000 vehicles sold, still far from the desired threshold of 1.1 million, or those 'happy' 1.6 million in 2007.

However, the old Spanish industrial design has not been replaced by something like the Norse, very small foci technology. "80% of exports are concentrated in 4% of the companies, which are also very little technology and create jobs," warns Carlos Martin.

A barrier will be easier to skip if, apart from the size, change the point of view "and in a globalized world, we adapt to the realities of each destination in our expansion projects," concluded the president of the Spanish Association of Financial Enterprise, Josep Badia, in its latest business conclave. 53% of these executives said he was convinced that the 'green shoots' reach. The same buds that have flourished in these examples of initiatives with more imagination than patience, did not wait for the official discourse to reap its fruits.

JMP Ingenieros. Rioja

Aerospace Engineering at street "'We fired' everything that moves in Research"

Eduardo Remírez left two decades ago a brilliant career as head of R & D in a multinational German car. Together with a group of engineers decided to prove that you can be on the cutting edge without leaving ... La Rioja.

From the small town of Sotés, the three companies are grouped into JMP Ingenieros have gestated and 350 projects. Its success is in part to seize the strategic mistake of those who have parked research

They endured "after passing pretty bad, like all 'and now have hatched with cutting-edge projects such as electronic control coils of ITER (the big power project future) power systems for space launch or plasma energy to nano. - Have you tried to convince us that you can only outside research and innovation? - The safe haven was the knowledge and invest all that we can.

With internet will and a lot of work done. Now our goal is that what works for the new 2020 tickets can also be applied to a shoe company or a herd. Technology needs to go to the practical.

The success is such that projects multiply and Eduardo Remírez walks between commitments in Europe and America. 'Making the Americas as 50 years is a bit tricky. I stay in my riojan monastic retreat. "