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International Congress IEPC

International Congress IEPC

November 2013

The European project LμPPT (Liquid Propulsion Micro Plasma Thruster) coordinated by JMP Ingenieros Rioja company, located in Sotés and led by Eduardo Remírez, presented at the global conference about space electric propulsion IEPC (International Electric Propulsion Conference) 2013, held in Washington in early October, progress in the development of the project. The exhibition was prepared by the engineer Serge Barral of the consortium and has been chosen as the best scientific study in the United States, including more than 300 works presented at the World IEPC Congress held in Washington.

Jmp Ingenieros presented an electric propulsion motor of small size that gives guidance and propulsion capacity of micro and nano-satellites and modular cubic 10 inches square.

These modular cubic satellites and 10 centimeters per side, have a growing demand for experimentation in space technologies at a reduced cost.

The main advantage of this innovation is that the only global electromagnetic propulsion system based on plasma and non-polluting liquid fuel, to propel nano-satellites weighing between 1 and 5 kg

Thanks to this project, can be controlled satellite attitude, maneuver, orbit maintenance maneuver exorbitant (crawlit to a graveyard orbit).

In the IEPC was presented global leaders researches in plasma propulsion and other plasma applications in space and other technologies. IEPC is the leading international forum for developers, researchers, managers, academics and students in the area of electric propulsion for spacecraft. Held every two years and have more than 300 participants from around the world.

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