Tuesday, 15 October 2013 14:56

L-uppt Project in the International Congress IEPC

L-uppt Project in the International Congress IEPC

October 2013

Organized by the George Washington University ( USA) , attended by his Jmp Ingenenieros pulsed plasma engine with liquid fuel for experimental satellites

The 33 international Space Propulsion Conference (IEPC 2013) was held on 6-10 October at the George Washington University (USA). IEPC is the leading international forum for developers, researchers, managers, academics and students in the field of electric propulsion for spacecraft. Held every two years and have more than 300 participants from around the world. The conference presented the worldwide leading research in electric propulsion for space sector.

The LuPPT project was presented at the meeting and results obtained up to date were exposed. Mr. Serge Barral and Mr. Jacek Kurzyna, from IPPLM Warsaw Institute of Laser Plasma, made the presentation to a crowded scientific auditorium.

The Liquid Micro Pulsed Plasma Thruster project´s exposure, involving companies JMP Ingenieros,

NASP, IPPLM, Kopoos Consulting and Mecartex, exposure raised the

interest of the scientific and commercial space sector and many consults were maden after the event.