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First Meeting of Good Business Practices

First Meeting of Good Business Practices

October 2013

The Federation of Employers of La Rioja (ERF) organized the First Meeting of Good Business Practices, in which representatives of Arisa, Windward and JMP Ingenieros participants explained their strengths and success factors.

A day that has been opened by the president of the employers Rioja , Jaime García -Calzada, and the Counselor of Industry, Innovation and Employment , Javier Erro. The first companies stressed that they would explain the ways to “meet the market right now”, and also “understand the factors of success of these companies, and try to apply them to our own businesses”.

Meanwhile, Erro said that “management is the key to addressing international innovation projects that help keep, strengthen and grow our businesses, especially considering the current situation and the small size of the same”.

economic situation and become a competitive company”.


The CEO of JMP IngenierosEduardo Remírez, stressed that “the diversification we have work in several sectors at the same time and not financially dependent on any of them”. Looking ahead, pointed out that “there must be awareness of entrepreneurs in technology investment that is profitable”. Has advanced, which have recently entered the mining sector, in this case in Chile, with a “spectacular results”.

Meanwhile, Rafael Zubiaur Windward Natural Resources stated that “internationalization” and “quality” is what "that allowed us to be in other markets, when the renewable energy sector in Spain is so bad."

Diego Ariznavarreta, Arisa commercial director, said that “everything has changed since 2008, which is the world market, and therefore the Spanish products have to compete with the rest of the world”. It has therefore called for “internationalization, but not understood as travel much and visit many customers out , but has to go supported by some products , customer intimacy and better services”.

After the day in Logroño, next October 15 will develop a second in Footwear Technology Centre Arnedo, with the participation, Footwear FAL, Fiona and Tuc - Tuc.

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