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Intelligent Irrigation

Intelligent Irrigation

June 2013

Logroño City Council has implemented an innovative system of intelligent management of irrigation of city parks, developed by JMP Ingenieros, which will pay the minimum required irrigation water spending accurate and optimal for green areas, depending on weather conditions.

Concepción Gamarra has presented a briefing, this system, developed by the company Rioja JMP Engineers, which is prepared "a la carte" in the city, tailored to your needs and is "pioneer" in Spain, according to detailed.

"This means putting in data connection atmospheric and meteorological conditions in Logroño irrigation system," stated Gamarra, who referred to the advantages of a remote management system that takes into account this information, as opposed to automatic Current.

The system, he explained, involves, for example, when it rains or irrigation water more when it's hot or when weather conditions indicate, depending on each area of ​​Logroño, which differ by their characteristics.


So far, each remote station received orders irrigation automatically regardless different climatic or environmental variables, such as the case of rain irrigation time, the mayor explained and, therefore, irrigatingregularly occurred in unnecessary situations.

The application of technology in the management of public services allows greater efficiency and advance responsible management, from the economic point of view and to maintain and improve the quality of those services and environmental commitment of the city of Logroño.

Gamarra added that the system is a focused application of technology to savings, efficiency and innovation, reducing water consumption and energy in irrigation of parks and gardens in the city, which already benefit from this spring, eleven logroñeses green spaces.

The gardens and parks Valdegastea, Las Gaunas, Rio La Calzada, La Guindalera, La Cava, Fardachón, San Miguel, El Campillo, La Rivera, Iregua and Los Lirios are already applied the system in the first phase, it saving in water consumption and electricity spending.

The first phase affects more than half of the greenery in the second will undertake the remaining third large parks and gardens extend to the city center.


This municipal initiative, affects technological development that controls the supply and installation of various electronic equipment for the energy and water efficiency in parks and gardens.

The mayor stressed that it is a project of "100% Rioja technological development", since it has conducted the business of La Rioja JMP Engineers, in cooperation with municipal technicians Environment Area.

"It's a project a la carte" according Gamarra, because it fits exclusively to the conditions of the green areas of Logroño, a city that is committed to effective and efficient management of natural resources within the project of "smart , which developed the city of Logroño in Spanish Network of Smart Cities.

The mayor pointed out that within the energy efficiency plan, we studied the irrigation system of municipal parks and raised the need to establish a remote management system that takes into account the weather conditions at the control.

One of the conclusions of the study noted that the Council has a large ratio of irrigation equipment and closed control systems installed in each park, so that in order toreach comprehensive remote management, it was necessary to design an open system for grouping all parks with irrigation equipment.

This need has detailed the mayor, he moved to the private sector and, in an example of public-private partnership, the city of Logrono and JMP Engineers have developed an innovative remote management system open, accessible, flexible, changeable and adaptable to any computer and service.

The head of this company Rioja, Eduardo Remírez, above, in the briefing that Logroño City Council Engineers JMP contacted a few months to develop the optimization of irrigation in the city.

This helped to confirm that there was a wide variety of equipment and different systems in each of the parks, so that the work of this company has been to unify and integrate these systems to constitute "a small orchestra".

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