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Onda Cero Award in the business category

Onda Cero Award in the business category

May 2013

Onda Cero La Rioja delivered last March 9its annual awards, which, in its tenth year, went to JMP Ingenieros in the business category.

With these awards, given by the staff of 'Onda Cero' La Riojaseeks to recognize the careerand dedication of individuals or companies Riojaor linked to La Rioja.

In the business category award JMP signature rests, a young company based in Sotés Riojawhich just awarded the development of the control systems of a fusion reactor to solve the problems of global energy supply.

The company, founded 21 years ago by Eduardo Remírez and his wife, Regina Laorden two decades has developed more than 400 international projects for all types of businesses, from meat to constructionCurrently looking to expand in South America.

The awards ceremony took place at 20.30 am in the Auditorium and Congress Palace of LaRiojaRiojaforumThe event, presented by Javier Ruiz Taboada (co-host of 'Radioestadio'National Sports program chainand Marisa Salcedo (presenter of 'Here in the vein of LaRioja), attended, among others, the president of Onda Cero, Javier González Ferrariand the President of the Autonomous Community of La Rioja, Pedro Sanz Alonso.

The awards ceremony will clausuraró starring Chila Lynn vocalist, who came from the hand of the station Europa FMAtresmedia group's musical formulawhich also owns Onda Cero.

"JMP Ingenieros" has been awarded in the category for its international businessin just over twenty years. What began with a personnel selection is done with the custom "of thereactor control to solve the problems of global energy supply." Collect the prize ReginaLaorden, founding partner, along with her ​​husband, Eduardo Remírez-company "JMPIngenieros".

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