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JMP Ingenieros perform first electronic control fusion reactor

JMP Ingenieros perform first electronic control fusion reactor

February 2013

The Rioja company JMP Ingenieros is responsible for conducting the electronic control of the first World fusion reactor called ITER, which will be "the ultimate solution to the energy problems of this world."

The International Consortium Evaluator has termed the JMP`s proposal as the best among ten other firms projects worldwide.

Last August, the company received a request Sotés entity "Fusion for Energy", which is in charge of Europe to assemble and manage the project's first fusion reactor to be built in Cadarache (France).

To do this, JMP Ingenieros is part of a consortium with the company "GTD Information Systems" of Barcelona and Oxford Culham Institute (Culham Centre for Fusion Energy), which is the UK's national laboratory for research in fusion energy and authority British nuclear fusion.

A hard work

The team of engineers working Rioja began  in July 2012, when Fusion for Energy, the EU organization responsible for ITER, phoned GTD, member of JMP Ingenieros and Najera Aerospace (NASP) to order a project of the 2,400 electronic control variables that have the future nuclear fusion reactor. After a month and a half of hard work, a team of five people from JMP, led by Eduardo himself Remírez, managing director of JMP, managed to develop a solution to address the handful of projects from other firms participating in the selection process.

To make this process very high temperatures are needed, even more than those registered in the solar core, Remírez alert, adding: "As there is no material that supports the probably highest temperature of the universe, the plasma is confined saved in a kind of prison that prevents magnetic touch any of the walls and allow this suspension, levitating. Toroidal magnetic field that requires continuous monitoring and is the electronic control of 2,400 variables, which have to review some 500,000 times per second, "where technology comes in. riojana of JMP.

This election has been a two-year contract worth five million euros for the consortium, formed by this firm Rioja with two other entities. If the development of this new technology is normalized, explained, may begin to popularize the fusion generators as "the best alternative" to supply power.

The construction costs of ITER now exceeds 10,000 million euros, equivalent to the amount generated by the consumption of oil in a single day in the world.

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