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Exposure in the International Exposition Centre in Barcelona

Exposure in the International Exposition Centre in Barcelona

May 2012

JMP Ingenieros presents a device that indicates the percentageof fat of the hams

On days 15, 16, 17 and 18 Maywas presented at the International Exposition Centre in Barcelona, the hams Categorizer designed and developed byJmp ingenieros. The proyect wil be marketed by Commercial Arrel.

The Categorizer determines the way in both total fat and weightof the hamand is designed for production lines interspersedwith cadences of 1000 hams / hour allowing systems associatedwith fat and weight classification, common in the meat industry.Breeders of ham, cutting plants and slaughterhouses are some ofthe sectors that have shown interest in this innovativedevelopment.

This technology is based on the use of low level electromagnetic fields that respond differentiatingcomponents of fat and lean meat pieces, so harmless, noninvasive, and with very good resolution in the measurements. This catagorizador is also applicable to other meats like bacon loins or calibrating the equipment for proper measurement.

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