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Experts Round Table kick off with the Renewable Energy sector

Experts Round Table kick off with the Renewable Energy sector

March 2012

Javier Ramos, Director General of Lanbide, opened March 13 the first Board of Experts organized by the Technical Cabinet of Lanbide. The objective of this Bureau, which will be continued the next day March 27, is to provide a tool Lanbide agile and results-oriented, to see first hand the needs of the labor market. This knowledge will tailor the program offer of Employment and Training for Employment, and anticipate the needs of professional skills.

For the launch of this first Board has selected one of the strategic sectors of the future in the BAC, the Renewable Energy, putting the focus on the subsector of Wind Energy (wind turbine manufacturing, construction, equipment and maintenance wind farms), and Smart Grid technologies (intelligent distribution networks that use computing power to optimize the production, distribution and consumption of electricity).

Experts and expert participants:

  •     Kepa Zubieta, Director of Education & Human Resources Development, Iberdrola.
  •     Iciar Urrutia, Director Division Bilbao, Sener.
  •     Inazio Iribar, Social Director, Arteche Group.
  •     Eduardo Remirez, Director General, JMP Ingenieros.
  •     José María Argüello Montans, Manager, Renewable Energy Tamoin.
  •     Victoria Moral, HR Director, GES-Global Energy Services
  •     Eduardo Giménez, Director Corporate Marketing, Ingeteam.
  •     Joshua Lacorzana, Director HR, Aeroblade
  •     Fernando Barrenechea, Director General, IHOBE (Public Society of Environmental Management).
  •     Txetxu Ormijana Saenz, Mod. Area and International Studies, EVE (Basque Energy).
  •     Francisco de la Peña, Advisor, Department of Education of the Basque Government.
  •     Juan Eduardo Iriondo, Responsible Energy Efficiency and Solar Energy, IES BHI Construction Training Center Vitoria.

Lanbide by:

  •     Marta Etxebarria, Business Services responsible area.
  •     Juan Carlos Garcia Rejas, Head Training Area.
  •     Javier Iniguez, responsible technical office.

Consulting firm:

  •     Deloitte