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Enterprising, Innovative and Modern Woman

Enterprising, Innovative and Modern Woman

March 2012


So Regina Laorden, that just 27 years with her husband founded in 1992 JMP Ingenieros Company, one of the few private technological centers in Spain, located in a small town of La Rioja, Sotés, in a building specially designed for home automation host a tech firm in a rural location

"My husband and I saw people needs close we could fix and we decided to start a business. When you're young, you see opportunities and have no dependents, meet conditions and think you can create something for yourself, "says Regina.

Thus was born JMP Engineering, a company that offers businesses a comprehensive, multidisciplinary team to carry out R & D required to develop new products or improve their manufacturing processes through technology.

"We are in all sectors," said Regina, "because in the end what we do is design a process or product, what is technology and apply each process has its peculiarity, working with all types of businesses, from meat to issues construction ", to customers like the subway in New York, Nestle Waters, Campofrío or large automotive firms.

This specifies that, sometimes, the work comes from the fruit of an automation of a process "in which you see at some point need a special machine and develops and then, depending on the agreements, can sell to more customers, and sometimes it is just asking for a machine without the entire process of production. "

The center currently has 15 employees who are shared between electronic engineering, telecommunications and mechanical engineers, and two other people working in Zigbee Telemetry
" our second company, born in 2008, a bad time," he says, and focuses its activity to the creation, implementation, deployment and operation of wireless technologies using radio frequency telemetry, with plenty of practical applications.

Referring to projects that are underway, Regina reported that at European level are launching "a micro pulsed plasma, and have submitted one in which we are waiting for funding for a battery system for satellites."

It also notes that they now want to introduce yet another tiny project to launch satellites for testing in space. "Right now we are writing to submit to the Seventh Framework Programme of the European Union, which would already be covered."

While acknowledging that there are "a lot of commercial work because usually the customer who comes to look, when we put out a product that offers itself." And is that the company has a portfolio of projects as diverse as a watch-jewel, "a project that we undertook some jewelers who won second prize at the Baselworld fair in Switzerland or the automation of a sausage factory. They are completely different worlds and apply it in the end what is the technology. "

Regina recognizes that working in a sector "complicated because we are dedicated to making a product that can make an estimate of income and expenses, but work with many different projects and whose volume is very different."

"Now we intend to seek new outlets in South America for the sake of being detected needs and speaking the same language I think we will have good start out there," says Regina, who points that have already initiated contacts "talking to people who are selling solutions help them to broaden their perspective and help sales. "

Nevertheless, recognizing that technology "moving too fast and you have to keep up on all the advances and developments, as well as developers are integrators. That is, when there is something that is made clearly not going to put you to develop it, but you have to keep up to date on everything that comes out. "