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Technologic Classroom of radio frequency electronic tagging

Technologic Classroom of radio frequency electronic tagging

February 2012

Open event to all interested in saving costs on logistics, tracking or handling of goods

The FER`s  Technology Classroom called again on employers and self Rioja technology to a new session onTuesday, February 21at 11.30 pm in the auditorium of the FER. This time the theme was the management of warehouses with RFID technology used in radio frequency electronic tags for goods and storage management.
The secretary general of the FER, Emilio Ugarte Abel Cross, openned the day, accompanied by the manager of JMP Ingenieros, Eduardo RemirezJmp Ingenieros is the 
Riojan company that drives the development and dissemination of this technology, which saves costs for logisticscargo handling andstorage control.

The Classroom Technology program of the FER will address all the features of RFID technology:

  •   Optimization of logistics and inventory tasks(AUTOMATIC AND SEMI AUTOMATIC inventory)
  •   Reduction / elimination of scanning and counting operations.
  •   Reduction / elimination of shrinkage.
  •   Reduction / elimination of unscheduled shutdowns.
  •   A substantial reduction in errors of interpretation, transcription and execution in shipments ofgoods to and from customers.
  •   Minimized the errors from previous methodologies.
  •   Operators unconsciously contribute to their own performance data.
  •   It will enable future predictive control on operational work, including time statistics and resource utilization.
  •   Give the product a device inviolable accreditation to ensure the detection of counterfeits by other manufacturers.

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